Sonnet — An Invocation to The Mother #9

How nobly thou speakest of ignoble sceptred
Hands? How deferent to cobblers of science?
What lay faith to laws on tablets encoded
That narrows thy life to the circle of fears?

Thy medicine’s concoction brewed in terms false
Of twilight reason, an abrupt born caesarean,
All its convulsions drawing upon an ignorance
Marks all thy paths with its beguiling pattern.

Not thus is sundered the intricate knot
That hobbles thy step and curdles thy breath;
By a will submitted must this be fought
To He who is queen of all height and depth.

Join me now, and say, “In Thee is all supremacy
O Mother, annul this foe forever for our serenity!”

Poem — An Invocation to The Mother #8

In this dream we often call life
Has entered a spectre black strife.
Mocking with fear our brightest thought,
A mindless agent science has wrought.
A strange force that by imagination thrives,
Leaping from mind to mind it lives.
Its idea central none have seized,
By net of mind it is not captured.
Wombed by a malice’s test-tube,
It does every pursuit elude.
Mutating like a thought travelling
Upon dumb lay lips gossiping.
Lone it unleashes a dark spectacle,
Hosting black death’s new festival.
Its grim revelry shadows our sky,
Clouds our sun with its grim lie.
Dispel O Mother this misery’s season,
Rescue these lives as yet only human.

Poem — An Invocation to The Mother #7

Am now upon the great shores of time
Where break the waves of passing hours,
I hear its poignant music’s rhyme
That an unfathomable mystery pours.

In every breaking crashing wave I hear
A pleading of this age in agony’s couch,
Crowding with laments the daily air,
“Of woe we have surely had much

And now a pestilence must brutally nudge
The scale of life towards the abyss,
The deeps we forsook with hardy trudge,
What man or daemon can intercede for us?”

Against the earless winds I replied back, “No man nor daemon can this foe defeat For it…

Sonnet — An Invocation to The Mother #6

I scoured the thousand paths of thought
And gathered a bough of many a mood,
These as Garland I wove with a will deft
And placed it at Thy feet most blessed.

From my heart’s wellspring I did conjure
A hundred flames by will striking will,
Sustained has been my aspiring labour
Yet these do not satiate me still.

Give me ardour piled like snow on peaks
Where broods the Silence bathed in ash,
Give me askesis like wielder of lightnings
Who unbars many worlds in a single flash!

With all these a single plea I would make,
“Save all worlds O Mother, if only for His sake!”

Sonnet — An Invocation to The Mother #5

Oh how must I with tongue of clay
Piously utter Thy solemn name,
In what direction is Thy coming’s way
For me those paths to perfume?

Oh these orbs are by tears salted
Drinking solely from this life’s ocean,
By a bare sky my sails are stilled,
My bosom awaits Thy vivifying rain.

O Mother how must I on this globe
Wager alone these powers obscure,
They my will and impulse glibly rob,
That seeks cure of Thy succour.

O Mother, Deliveress, Regent of all worlds,
Dispatch Thy gaze to sunder all these veils.

Sonnet — An Invocation to The Mother #4

What apt gesture, what summoning hymn,
Must I employ for Thy arrival imperial?
What ardours rouse, What yagña within
Will reach the height of Thy feet ethereal?

O Mother, to our depths Thou must consign
A portion of Thy transmuting power,
Radiating Thy alchemy to this earth station
To dissolve this black resistance forever.

Stoop to our aid O sole Protectress,
For dim and gruesome is this siege
That suffocates our breath and thoughts,
And Thou alone can this battle wage.

This cobbled invocation of thought and word
I submit to Thee O Mother for Thy answer bold.

Sonnet — An Invocation to The Mother #3

A strange shadow has creeping loomed
Breeding fear under its canopy dark,
A menace from yellow lands engineered
To prey on life with its black spark.

A lab its womb, fathered by a malice,
A fount of issues from it slithering crawl,
Catalysed by a faithless thoughts
That forever upon fall doth dwell.

Pin in our mind and cell a sun each
Drawn from Thy grace measureless,
From these issue a force to breach
The bastion of diseased shadows.

Our bodies Thy home, our lives Thy acts,
Release for us O Mother Thy redeeming forces.

Poem — An Invocation to The Mother #2

Hurry O men from the sleeping drowse,
Waken your thoughts to the sunrise hour,
For the night has yielded darkling powers,
Our fields covered with their poison flower.

Sharpen O men your wills to steel,
Hammer resolve by an ardour’s fire,
Yield not to the lower passion’s call,
Burnish your bosoms to calls of war.

Strap O men your sandals, prepare the car
That on the roads of destiny must run,
Battling fates by a power greater
Of Her who is the Golden Sun.

Rise O men for the hour is near When the conch is sounded from heaven, Raise…

Poem — An Invocation to The Mother #1

A growing assemblage of fervent hearts Gathering in woods deep-hearted and rivers That sombre flow chanting a liquid hymn, A scene resembling a wide-pondering dream Took shape in that age like an unrolled canvas, Turning all eyes upward by an occult compass, Upon each lip borne an urgent pleading prayer, “Heed, heed these times that lives doth sunder, The foe who by thought can multiply, Who by malevolent science by breath can fly. Moth-eaten are our hours, shackled our hearts, Oh as prayers they admit not our pilgrim tears. Heed, heed O…


My little earth wakes to Thy name dawning within,
Climbing over sleep’s base and horizon of dream,
Painting sky of half-woke thought with Thy gleam,
Oh for each day with Thy heralding name to begin!

Oh absentee Beloved how many borders breached
In my being now become Thy conquered terrain,
My parched earth pines for Thy coming’s rain,
Oh by Thee alone can these ardours be doused.

Widen me Beloved to a clay and silent stone,
Sculpt them to a shape of each Thy thought.
Heighten me to dust trod by Thy blessed feet,
Assail me with the light-spears of Thy passion.

O Glory, O Tempestuous Divine, O Storm of heaven,
Bring Thy tumults upon my being prostrate and prone.

Mahesh CR

Hi, I am Mahesh CR, Founder @tataatsu. I walk the borderlands between technology & spirituality. Follow @kalisbrood for Spirituality & Hinduism related topics

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